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Volunteer Stories

Erice –  Visitor for Age Concern Kapiti

“We are really lucky that we got on so well … we like to discuss everything, the world, philosophy, theology, our families, everything.” said Erice. Because Elsa is now blind, Erice also reads to Elsa from newspapers or newsletters from organisations in which they have a shared interest and brings any news that she reads about Estonia on her weekly visits.

The friendship that has blossomed between Elsa and Erice reminds us of the simple pleasures in life and the vital importance of human connections.

For more about Erice and Elsa click  here


Gail – Visitor for Age Concern Kapiti

Although Mary has several support people who visit, these people come to her house to “do things” like housework, paying bills, or lawn mowing. Gail is the one person who comes to specifically sit with Mary to enjoy a long conversation.

Mary says that although she doesn’t feel lonely, being visited is essential. She says: “There is more happening than I realise to help me. Even if people don’t realise it, it is very necessary… you may not think you need it but in actual fact you do.”

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Colin Payne – Volunteer

Colin believes in treating people as equals while respecting we are all individuals.  Having come from England many years ago he knows the importance of making links and becoming involved in the community you live in. This attitude is reflected in the way he has carried out his many voluntary roles.


For more information about Colin’s volunteer work click  here


June Te Maro – Visitor for Age Concern Kāpiti

June came into our office in April 2009. She had seen our advertisement for volunteer visitors in the local paper. We’re so lucky she did because she has now been a wonderful Age Concern Kapiti visitor for 13 years (with a couple of short breaks along the way). In that time, June has become a great and trusted friend to many older people.

For more information about June and her work as an Age Concern Visitor click   here