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Intergenerational Initiatives

Positive connections between young and older people result in vibrant, well-functioning communities. To enhance these connections we have been working with the Kāpiti Coast District Council’s Youth Council and Zeal Kāpiti, an organisation dedicated to helping young Kiwis discover express and develop their unique creativity.

We have been privileged to work with these young highly motivated, creative young people and together develop the following initiatives.

Tech Help

Tech Help sessions have been very successful and involve young people instructing older people how to get the most out of devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Tutorials on how to use Zoom and Facetime and information for managing online accounts are all popular.

Future Tech Help activities will be shown on the ‘What’s On’ page on this website.











The Human Library

The Human Library, launched in October 2021, is a very exciting project.

The aim is to break down stereotypes by creating opportunities for people of different ages to engage in conversations about current and sometimes controversial topics.   Finding a method of recording these conversations that would appeal across the generations was important.  The result is the development of five short videos on the following topics.

Click on each topic to view the video.

These Human Library videos have been posted on social media platforms such as YouTube with the hope that they will encourage ongoing conversations between the generation.  Comments from both young and older people who took part have shown they enjoyed the opportunity to talk and learn about different life experiences.

We would love to hear from you about how you have used these videos to promote conversations with your family and friends. Contact Us


   Launch of the Human Library