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Steady as You Go Exercise Classes

Exercise and physical activity is important for all ages. It improves physical health and can increase mental wellbeing, social connection and spark friendships.

Do you want to improve your balance, leg strength and meet new people?

Steady As You Go is a fun and social, strength and balance exercise programme for older adults. The exercises are gentle, progressively increase balance and muscle mass, and are specifically designed for older people.

Classes consist of a combination of sitting, standing and walking exercises and last for about an hour. They are ideal for beginners, are ongoing and you can see how much you have improved over your first 10 weeks.

Did you know falls are preventable and are not a natural part of ageing?

Steady As You Go has been evaluated by University of Otago researchers. They found the classes improved physical function, reduced the risk of falls, were fun, improved sense of wellbeing and confidence and provided links with other people in the neighbourhood. Join a Steady As You Go class to increase:


      • Independence

      • Balance and balance confidence

      • Leg strength

      • Flexibility

      • Spatial awareness

      • Wellbeing

      • General fitness

      • Social connections

      • Tasks in everyday life

    New classes are established by one of our staff with the aim of becoming peer-led at the end of 10 weeks. Classes run in school terms only and are held at:




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